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Not sure if it's for you? Have a read what people are saying about the training they received with Project Performance


Training with Ian at Project Performance has been such a game changer.


I’ve actually reached where I wanted to be after years of trying to find a routine of exercise and healthy living. That’s in equal parts down to the support offered by Ian (he’s spookily good at tapping into your reasons for being there and gently pushing you down the right path); the awesome programming of PT and group classes that keeps you coming back for more and the community he’s built around it.


I wasn’t keen on the idea of group classes to begin with. I don’t live in Morzine so didn't know any one but I was made to feel so at home and at ease.


I’ve been able to make so many positive changes this year, and I’d recommend to anyone that it’s infinitely easier and more fun when you’ve got a great trainer to show you the way!


Thanks again Ian, loving the process and excited to see what comes next!

Tom, FR

" I am really enjoying Ian's sessions and I am starting to see some benefits. The sessions are well organised and fun, which keeps you motivated to keep pushing. I have just signed up for another block of classes and looking forward to seeing where they take me. I can't recommend Project Performance enough."

Camile, UK

“Great personal training sessions with Ian this Summer in Morzine - tailored to suit our needs and ages! Really motivating and almost enjoyable😂 - thoroughly recommend Ian”

"Ian is the only trainer I’ve ever had that makes me enjoy the whole process and freakishly want more.

This surprised me as I hate working out and I am very unmotivated to train pre winter and also during.
His knowledge and experience is outstanding and this reflects in the way he can completely adapt to every individual he trains making sure that we all get what we personally want out of the process.

He keeps me interested all the time as we don’t seem to just repeat the same training, I am easily bored and need variety and he delivers this every time.

I have taken part in group sessions and also one on one training and I can honestly say I would not train with anyone else in Morzine."


October 2019

"Great fitness trainer !

I've been to outdoor group sessions as well as one on one training in the gym with Ian and I can say, of all the coaches I've had Project Performance are the best fitness classes I have been to.

I highly recommend Ian as a trainer."


January 2018

Molly, FR

I signed up for 20 group sessions with Ian at project performance.

These sessions were just what I needed. Training with other people was the ideal way to stay motivated and fit this summer. Each training session was fun and training with others of a similar or higher level made it challenging and rewording.

I’d highly recommend training along side Ian, Ian will encourage you every step of the way and will never hesitate to congratulate your efforts and improvements.

Thank you and can’t wait to be back :))."

Mountain Xtra, FR

I’ve been coming to Ian’s classes for nearly 2 years - which in itself says a lot, as it’s the longest I’ve ever stuck with any fitness class or regime. There’s a selection of classes, friendly atmosphere and great guidance from Ian. Everyone is welcome, any fitness level, recovering injuries, any age and ability - there’s always an adaption no one is left behind! Ian is really passionate about what he does and strives to help you constantly improve. I think the biggest testaments to the classes is his loyal client base, we all keep showing up and putting the effort in!

Harry, FR

“I recently had the pleasure of visiting Project Performance in Morzine for a month, and it exceeded all of my expectations. The gym space, run by Ian, is a top-notch facility that offers a variety of classes. Not only is the equipment top-of-the-line, but the classes are expertly led by Ian.

What sets this gym apart, however, is the level of customer service provided by Ian. He is an incredibly friendly and helpful individual who goes out of his way to ensure that every member is comfortable and satisfied. He takes the time to get to know each member and tailors his approach to their individual needs.

Overall, I highly recommend this gym to anyone looking for an effective workout in a welcoming and supportive environment. Ian makes it a great experience.
Ian Mellor

Personal Trainer + Coach


Haute Savoie

Tel: +33771692353



Thanks for getting in touch!

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