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The Project Performance Gym is based in Morzine and offers a range of training formulas for all manner of fitness projects. We offer in person private and group gym training, online personal training plans, zoom training and bespoke fitness plans you can take away. 

Everyone has their own project in mind when it comes to their fitness. 
Whether it's something you're thinking about for the first time, an upcoming competitive event, injury recovery or just feeling your absolute best. Everything we do is goal and result orientated, find something to suit you today.


Exclusively Inclusive – wherever you’re starting from or heading, I ensure a setting where anyone can enjoy their journey.

Intense Workout

About Me


Thanks for visiting my site, whatever brought you here I’m happy to welcome you into an inclusive and all-encompassing training experience that is Project Performance.

When it comes to personal training, your project is my project. All my clients receive my full attention, dedication, and passion.


I offer personal training and a range of fitness classes in Morzine and the Haute Savoie, Take a look around to find something right for you, or get in touch.


I offer 3 different approaches to training, with packages to fit all budgets and goals.






I first started going to Project Performance classes five years ago and think they're fantastic.
The workouts are thoughtfully designed, provide awesome whole body training, and they can always be tailored to your needs and ability.
Ian's responsive and very supportive as a trainer. He's always able to provide adjustments to the exercises if needed. He creates a welcoming, friendly atmosphere in the classes and a real sense of community. He's always got a good playlist on and the equipment available for the classes is great.
Can't recommend Project Performance enough! :)


I've been going to the the gym at Project Performance for 6 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed every class.

Ian goes out of his way to make everyone feel comfortable as well as make sure you get the most out of each session. He's very knowledgable and particular attentive to any injuries you might have and will always make sure you know that you can miss out a particular exercise or do something alternative. I became particular aware of this as Ian helped my recover from knee surgery by always adapting things to ensure I didn't try too much too soon.

The gym and the equipment are all great quality and I find it very motivating in the class/group environment when compared to visiting a gym alone. Worth every penny!


Project Performance has genuinely been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. Ian’s classes are so great, with a brilliant positive atmosphere where everyone is supportive and pushes you to do the best you can, whatever level that is at.

Ian is so helpful and you really feel that he is keeping an eye on each person in the class to correct form and adjust exercises as necessary to account for any injuries you may have.

I really don’t think he realises how incredible what he does is, but it’s made such a difference in my life with my strength, fitness and mindset and I’m so thankful!

Highly highly recommend!
Ian Mellor

Personal Trainer + Coach


Haute Savoie

Tel: +33771692353



Thanks for getting in touch!

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