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Coaching packages are designed for people wanting to make significant and recognisable changes to their physical fitness, sports performance or weight. With a coaching package, there is a minimum time commitment that means you will see significant results at the end of your time with me.


Coaching packages are a 12 week commitment.


This includes:

2 x 1 Hour Personal Training Sessions each week.

1 x Weekend Group Class Per Week.

Nutrition plan.

Home/ Gym Work out plan to do in your own time.


You will also receive full support outside of sessions.

Full consultation and goal setting session, including body fat measurement and fitness testing to be done at the start and finish of your package.


This coaching package is great for people looking to do a body transformation. Whether it's working toward a big event in your life such as a wedding or holiday, or just putting some time and effort into making the change you've been meaning to. It is also suitable for training for sporting events to either complement your existing regime or ready you for sport-specific exams.


Price on request

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