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Group fitness classes offer participants of any level, energetic and motivational training. Bounce off each other, enjoy it and most importantly improve your health & fitness. 

Check out the timetable and sessions available below, I offer prices and packages to suit all budgets. Whether it's your first time in a group training environment or you're a regular participant, Project Performance offers an inclusive and enjoyable training environment.

Regular training will help get you on the right track to make significant improvements to your health and well being.

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more information on class styles

cardio Blast

Take your fitness to the next level with this all-round body blast. Using HIIT style techniques but this time using equipment pushing you to your maximum heart rate. Expect to use equipment like slam balls, rowers, battle ropes, skiErgs, bikes and kettlebells to push your heart rate to the max in this fun, fast-paced interactive session.


Outcomes: Improve your energy levels, metabolic rate, strength and endurance.

strength & resistance

Versatile and engaging, expect to have a full-body workout as you move through a variety of strength and resistance exercises using a variety of weights and equipment as well as bodyweight movements. We will focus heavily on technique to ensure you’re doing each exercise correctly and safely with maximum benefit. 

Benefits of weight and resistance training include improved posture, better sleep, gaining bone density, maintaining weight loss and boosting your metabolism. This class is easily adaptable for all levels from complete beginners to advanced.



Outcomes: Improve your muscle tone, balance, coordination, strength & endurance.


Crossing all the benefits of cardiovascular and strength training, We perfectly combine the two in this class for a full-body workout. 

We'll go through a variety of movements using all the equipment the gym has to offer (think squat racks, cables, dumbbells, sandbags, and more). Mixed up to give the ultimate all-rounder session. You can expect to see timing methods that include EMOM's, AMRAP's and For Time.

Remember - any level is welcome, this is your workout, so you work to the rate you want.

Outcomes: Improve strength, tone and endurance, increased energy levels.


A 60 minute session to set you up for the weekend! We will take on different challenges (team and individual) together test yourself against the clock, each other and against your previous best. This session will combine both HITT & circuits techniques along with others to provide a complete workout. The Saturday workout aims to create a strong team feel for us to all encourage one another to continue to push that little bit further.

Outcomes: Sweaty! And ready to take on the weekend.

bodyweight HIIT  

A high-intensity workout, pushing your fitness to a new level. With the aim to work at around 80 – 95% of your maximum heart rate for short intervals and short recovery times. I look to engage both the aerobic and anaerobic system so you get the maximum benefit in a short time frame. A great workout that requires little to no equipment, focusing on functional movements. Great for the time-poor, lasting just 30-45 minutes.


Outcomes: Improve your energy levels, metabolic rate, strength and endurance.

winter fit

Predominantly focused on lower-body functional movements. With strength and endurance including plyometric based exercises.  We'll have a spotlight on core engagement in each action along with snow sport-specific exercises.

 Increase the stability and endurance in the main muscle groups engaged in these sports, this class delivers strength and balance improvements.  

Outcomes: Stronger legs and core = better performance on the mountain.

covid-19 precautions

- If you have any COVID symptoms, do not attend any sessions

- If you have been in contact with anyone who has recently tested positive, do not attend until you have tested negative, or isolated for 14 days  

- If you are awaiting test results, do not attend until you have had your results

- If you develop any symptoms after recently attending a session, please inform us ASAP

- Respect each other's personal space, keep 1.5m apart

- No high 5's (when we're allowed, we will bring them back!)

- You're welcome to bring your own gym mat

- Bring a sweat towel and use it

- Disinfect the equipment when possible 


If you have any questions, please get in touch.  


All classes are held at the Palais des Sports in central Morzine. Bring a bottle of water and a sweat towel! If it's your first time, arrive 10 minutes before to complete a health questionnaire. 

Booking is required. This can be done simply by clicking the 'Book a Session' button below. 

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