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1 on 1

Sessions are completely structured around your goals and aspirations. You don't receive just general fitness training, the time you've paid for is specific to your needs and all eyes are on you. If you have certain niggles, injuries or sport specific training needs, personal training is the option for you.


We start by setting your goals to structure and focus your sessions. Whether they are fitness goals or weight management goals, we discuss these alongside the personal training plan I give you. I offer full body analysis, including body measurements and body fat testing. 


Alongside your dedicated training plan, I can assist with non-medical nutritional advice, you can take this away and integrate it into your daily life. The plan is designed to optimise your performance and help you to meet your goals.


By booking a personal training session you make a commitment to me and yourself. There's no backing out, the session is set and rather than picking and choosing like with a gym membership we exchange a mutual agreement, a commitment to improving your health, your future and your well being.



30 Minute Training Session

Come warmed up to maximise your session.


30 Minute Training Session

Share the session between the two of you.


60 Minute Training Session

Warm-up and cool down included.


60 Minute Training Session

Share the session between the two of you.


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