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Find your feet - Why try a fitness class?

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Everyone enjoys a different style of fitness training. Living in the mountains also allows us to use the natural surroundings, but as winter draws closer, why not try something new?

Something for everyone?

Some like yoga, others like hitting the gym or hiking. Having the mountains on our doorstep here in Morzine means the natural gym is easily available to us at any time - but as the nights draw in and the cold air in the mornings keeps us wrapped up in bed, some might need a little extra push to stick on a pair of trainers.

The winter is just around the corner, so why not mix up your routine and get to a fitness class? You can interact, motivate one another and get a really positive energy from training in groups. The change of weather and daylight often leaves us feeling less motivated to get active so making a commitment to a class, with a group of strangers (or friends!) can make you feel more inclined to make an appearance.

Everyone is different when it comes to training and its important not to ignore the other contributing factors such as lifestyle and time, but its also important to not use these elements as an excuse. We all know exercise is good for your mental health, but did you know some of the best results come from those training in groups?

"A small study published in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association found that people who took group exercise classes reported less stress and more physical, emotional and mental health benefits than those who exercised alone or did not hit the gym at all, suggesting that a social atmosphere may compound the already numerous benefits of physical activity. "


Finding the time to work out can be difficult but it should always be a priority. With a variety of clases on offer, ones that can be taken before you head to work as well as late classes that can fit in after a day at the office fitting in a class each week should be a good first step into prioritising your health. Here are some handy tips on finding time to exercise -not matter how time poor you are.


Whilst we all have issues in our lives that make it tricky to prioritise fitness, many of those lifestyle factors that limit our motivation to exercise, such as stress from work, weight issues, lack of energy and even lack of sleep are the very things we could be improving when introducing exercise into your daily routine. We love this article from the mayo clinic on reasons to exercise and what issues can be combatted.

In anycase I hope to see you this Interseason at the Palais du Sport for some fun and motivating fitness classes, or for something more personalised get in touch for a PT session.

Thanks for reading team! Ian - Personal Trainer and Founder of Project Performance

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