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5 Benefits of Incorporating Massage into your Fitness Routine

We are kicking off the new year with all sorts of goals, fitness as well as life goals, and with that in mind we thought about other resolutions you could introduce to compliment your fitness routine and massage came to mind first.

This week we spoke to our lovely friend Martha over at Martha Perry Massage, she is going to take us through the 5 benefits of incorporating massage into your fitness routine. Over to Martha!

1. Stress Relief

Massage is an extremely effective treatment for relieving stress. Often life can become a lot when we are juggling work, social time, skiing, training etc.

Scheduling a massage can destress your mind and refresh your body helping make these demands feel more achievable.

That lovely floaty feeling post massage is just heaven and is something not to be thought of as a luxury one off treat.

2. Detoxing & Increasing Blood Flow

Massage has a huge impact on the lymphatic system - the drainage system of the body. After you’ve trained, massage can help to increase blood flow and move waste from the muscles and out of the area. Massage will encourage fresh new oxygenated blood to the area which is exactly what tired muscles need post workout!

3. Recovery & Performance

Massage is one of the best ways to help with a speedy recovery post training, resulting in increased performance. It will help you understand your body better by working on improving range of movement and decreasing imbalances. If you keep on top of any small niggles you can feel coming, you are much less likely to get to a bigger problem down the line. It’s the perfect way to maintain strong training and your physical health.

4. Improved Sleep Quality

Sleep is an important time for recovery. During sleep, our muscles repair, regain and conserve energy and recover. All the hard work that is done at the gym is absorbed during sleep and our body adapts to these changes.

By reducing tension in the body, relaxing and de-stressing the mind, massage helps you to have a deeper and more restful sleep - exactly what your body needs!

5. Enhanced Training Ability & Decreased Muscle Tightness

Tight muscles are more likely to result in injury and therefore reducing tension means a smaller chance of this. Moreover, reducing tension can directly result in increased flexibility, softened fascia and lengthened muscles. All of this combined means a stronger body enhancing training.

Massage and fitness training put together is a healthy and sustainable combination helping you get closer to results you want.

Martha is available for Mobile Massage throughout the year here in Morzine and can be booked directly via the website or at She offers a great range of services from relaxation massages, to hot stones and pregnancy massage, something for everyone and certainly a worthwhile investment for those of you training hard and even those of your just starting out who are more prone to sore muscles.

Thanks for reading team! Ian - Fitness Trainer and founder of Project Performance

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